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Coffee Brewing Course

Online Coffee Brewing Course   If you found your way to this page, chances are high that you like coffee just as much as we do. But if you're still making your daily cuppa on your Nespresso - it's time to level up! We teamed up with the experts of the prestigious Espresso Academy in


Coffee Roasting

Online Coffee Roasting Course   Learn all about coffee roasting - from the comfort of your own. Together with the Espresso Academy in Florence, we offer a course that teaches you the solid foundations of coffee roasting and blending skills. The coffee roasting course follows a step-by-step video program, where we cover both the necessary


Coffee Shop Management

Coffee Shop Management Have you always been dreaming of owning your own cafe? Serving people a cup of joy in the morning, connecting with your customers and becoming a place of gathering in your own community. The cafe business has seen some interesting trends in recent years. Not only is it booming, but it’s also

French Wines 101

Ah France. Where the vineyards go as far as the eye can reach and where a bottle of wine is included in any standard lunch. We are passionate about French wines and never skip the opportunity of opening a good bottle of red, white or rose from the wine country itself. However, buying a bottle

Online Barista Course

Who doesn’t love coffee? From your necessary caffeine dose in the early morning to a delightful cuppa shared with friends, coffee plays an important role in our lives. And if you’re into coffee (let’s be honest, who isn’t) you have probably figured out that your Senseo or your skimmed-latte carefully prepared by your favourite barista,