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Cannelloni with green asparagus

cannelloni recipe

Cannelloni with green asparagus

When we can’t travel to Italy, we bring Italy to us. This is what food blogger Elle of A Pinch Of Odelle thought when she created this delicious recipe. She turned the classic Italian cannelloni (with ricotta, spinach and tomato sauce) into a healthy and innovative dish.

Combining gluten-free lasagne, some goat cheese leftovers and a box of pine nuts – she whips out a refreshing variant of the well-known classic. “The best recipes are the ones you can make with what you have in your pantry”.

The dish is perfect as a starter or main dish with a piece of ciabatta. We know what we’re eating tonight.


  • 6 lasagne sheets (gluten-free or not)
  • 12 green asparagus
  • 8 slices of Ganda ham
  • 100g goat cheese
  • 25g flour
  • 15g butter
  • 200ml milk
  • pine nuts (for garnishing)

Serves: 2


  1. Preheat the oven on 200 degrees
  2. Rinse and trim the asparagus and peel the bottom
  3. Boil the lasagne about 5 minutes in salted water, drain and let them drain to remove all water. Note: don’t put them on top of each other since they will stick
  4. Boil the asparagus in salted water for about 3 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water
  5. Melt the butter, add flour and mix until blended. Bake for 2 minutes until you notice the smell of cookies. Add the milk bit by bit and keep stirring
  6. Crumble 3/4 of the goat cheese and mix in. Spice with pepper, salt and nutmeg
  7. Cut the asparagus in half
  8. Put a slice of ham on top of each lasagne sheet, divide the asparagus and roll
  9. Put a thin layer of sauce in the oven tray, put the rolls on top and pour the remaining sauce over
  10. Use the remaining 2 slices of ham, goat cheese and pine nuts for garnishing
  11. Put in the oven for 15 minutes
  12. Serve with salad or ciabatta


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