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Local Food Diaries #19: Why you should buy magnum bottles of wine

Alexis talks about magnum-sized wine bottles. These huge bottles contain 1.5 litres of wine (that’s two bottles of wines in one!) and Alexis gives you a few reasons why you should get of them for your next dinner party.

Local Food Diaries #18: Vin de France wines

Alexis talks about the ‘Vin de France’-notation on bottles of wines, referring to table wine (or the cheaper wines). These wines were in the past considered a “lower quality” wine, nowadays we see premium ‘Vin de France’ wines as well. Alexis tells you what to look out for when buying Vin de France wines.

Local Food Diaries #17: Where to find the best value old vintage red wines in France?

Alexis helps us to find the best value for money when it comes to vintage wines in France. He reveals his best-kept secret and tells you about a vineyard in the heart of the Loire Valley – a must for delicious reds.

Local Food Diaries #16: Coteaux-du-Layon

Alexis dedicates his next Local Food Diaries session to the delicious Loire Valley sweet wine for aperitif: a Coteaux-du-Layon!

Local Food Diaries #15: 3 Sparkling Wines when you’re on a Budget

Treat yourself to a nice glass of sparkling wine: here a 3 must-tries for when you’re on a budget.

Local Food Diaries #14: Vegan Protein Delicious

Gaëlle of The Chef’s Cut team prepares some healthy vegan dishes. On today’s menu: Vegan Protein Delicious

Local Food Diaries #13: Pignatello, a Sicilian grape you should know

Marco Lori on the Pignatello wine, perfect for red meat and aged cheese.

Local Food Diaries #12: Tortilla Bacalao

Learn how to make cod omelettes, a typical dish from the Basque country.

Local Food Diaries #11: 3 French wines you should try

Take it from our expert: these 3 French wines you have to try. Ideally for a blind tasting with friends or guests, who guaranteed won’t know them.

Local Food Diaries #10: How to prepare a vegetarian Carbonara

Carbonara is a classic and loved by many foodies. Unfortunately, veggos often have to miss out on this authentic pasta dish. That’s why our chef Yves Nico has created this delicious recipe for a vegetarian pasta carbonara.

Local Food Diaries #9: Negroamaro from Puglia

Negroamaro is a grape from Puglia, one of the oldest red grapes of Italy. Marco Lori talks about the flavour, different types and recommends his favourite.

Local Food Diaries #8: Cook a traditional Fideuà

Fideuà is a seafood dish originally from Valencia that is similar to paella, but it is made with noodles instead of rice. Chef Yves Nico has a wonderful recipe that he is happy to share with us. The main ingredients are pasta noodles, fish, and shellfish. It is seasoned mainly with lemon. Enjoy the tutorial!

Local Food Diaries #7: Learn more about the Italian grape, Verdicchio

Today, Marco talks about Verdicchio – from the region where painter Rafael was born.

Local Food Diaries #6: Sommelier Marco about the grape Aglianico

Wine expert Marco Lori explains the famous Italian Aglianico grape.

Local Food Diaries #5: Sommelier Marco Lori explains the Cesanese grape

Learn more about Italian wines & grapes. Our Italian sommelier Marco Lori talks about the Cesanese grape.

Local Food Diaries #4: How to pick a bottle of Bordeaux at a restaurant?

We all know the feeling. You’re out for some food and they hand you a wine list to choose from. You don’t want to pick the cheapest wine on there, but you honestly don’t know how to make an informed decision. Our French sommelier Alexis Caraux to the rescue!

Local Food Diaries #3: Italian Piadina

Italian chef Francesca Settimi teaches us how to make Piadina. Piadina is a sort of flatbread, originally from Emilia Romagna Region, from a specific area called Romagna. It is usually eaten with cheese and Parma ham and folded in two or rolled up and eaten like a sandwich.

Local Food Diaries #2: Organic & Natural Wines

French Sommelier Alexis Caravaux explains the differences between organic and natural wines and how to recognize them. We highly recommend getting a bottle of red before watching this video.

Local Food Diaries #1: Catalan Surf & Turf Meatballs

Chef Yves Nico shows us how to prepare this traditional Catalan dish, Surf & Turf Meatballs.